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Padre Bay in Lake Powell


Padre Bay is a large bay in Lake Powell (at green buoy marker 23) in southern Utah. This photo was taken from my boat. The rock formation is known as Cookie Jar Butte. It used to have a taller handle making it look like the lid of a cookie jar, but with time and weather it has broken away. The bay is named after the “crossing of the fathers”. A group of men led by priests to find an overland trail to Monterey, California in 1776. They failed to find a route and were headed back to Mexico.
The bay is a great place to take the children tubing or wonderful place to stop and swim in the 75 F water. It’s 400 feet deep in some places in the bay.
It’s a tricky place to stay in the main channel. So many tourists in rental boats lose their way off the main channel and need help finding their way back. When you’re traveling in the main channel you need to travel from one buoy to the next. If it seems that it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a buoy, you’ve probably taken a wrong turn. The red rock cliffs can all start looking the same. It’s good to have a map. A compass can help get you pointed in the right direction if this happens.
There are so many beautiful canyons and rock formations to explore. A few petroglyphs can be seen. Lake Powell is a place that needs to be explored to be totally enjoyed. There many birds and animals that live in what seems to be very harsh conditions because of the extreme heat in the summer months. The more time you spend at the lake, the more animals you will see. I have seen lots of blue herons. I’ve seen beavers, coyote, road runners, rabbits, and most exciting was the wild donkeys that I saw in the San Juan River( at green buoy 57).


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