Lake Powell

Lake Powell (Photo credit: Kai Strandskov)

My name is Lorie Blair. I’m an aspiring fiction writer. I enjoy travel and I love boating. Isn’t it great that we live on a water planet? I find that the fun of writing is often found in the research that helps form our stories. Let’s research our novels!

Desert           Often the fun of a literary novel is the world away from your own that you experience through that book. I find that people are effected by the geography that they travel. So the Anasazi  and the recreational boater of Lake Powell share a common experience of the spiritual nature of red cliffs on a moonlit night.


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  2. Thank you for the like. Likes helps me find people. I’m a Follower now. 🙂 I wish was a professional and polished as you appear. Us poor men are at such a disadvantage.

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